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Welcome to NFTs in Prague 2023 – a groundbreaking event designed to unite non-fungible token enthusiasts, talents, and experts to shape the future of the NFT landscape in Polkadot and the global Web3 ecosystem.
Held on June 4th at the state-of-the-art venue, Paralelni Polis, in the heart of Prague, NFTs in Prague 2023 promises an immersive and enriching experience for all digital art enthusiasts, curious newcomers, and seasoned Web3 natives. The journey begins with enlightening sessions and panels delving into the fundamentals of Polkadot NFTs, legal aspects, and innovative ideas from various communities.
Curated by KodaDot, a prominent Polkadot NFT marketplace, this event is your gateway to a world of NFT wonders. Explore awe-inspiring visual displays as you immerse yourself in the digital realm of our NFT art exhibition. Take part in hands-on workshops where you can learn to create your own Polkadot wallet, mint non-fungible tokens, and onboard to the thriving Web3 ecosystem.
NFTs in Prague 2023 is set to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and community-building on a local and global scale. With content tailored to captivate and inspire, the event strikes the perfect balance - 60% focus on the Polkadot ecosystem and 40% on other thriving Web3 communities around NFTs.
Be prepared as the registration for NFTs in Prague 2023, and speaker applications open soon. The best part? Attendance is entirely FREE, ensuring inclusivity and equal opportunity for all. Join us in this monumental gathering as we interconnect knowledge, demystify the world of non-fungible tokens, and lead the way towards a decentralized future.
NFTs in Prague 2023 – The premier destination to witness the convergence of creativity, innovation, and collaboration!